Wine & Pilates - Wednesday 13th July 6.30 pm

Stanlake Park Wine Estate

Wine & Pilates - Wednesday 13th July 6.30 pm

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 Pair your favourite wine, a release of endorphins and happy feelings with a beautiful summer night and some deep stretching, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable time: this is Wine & Pilates.
Wine & Pilates Evening

Join expert Polly Hamilton, Pilates and body movement specialist, for an hour of stretching while holding and coordinating moves with a glass of wine (we will be using plastic wine glasses - just in case). And of course, sipping when it's time to!

As we know, wine is a social lubricant and a stress reducer, and studies have shown that alcohol has minimal effects on strength levels. So with your inhibitions away, you will find that doing challenging moves is easier and feel better! 

All levels are welcome - you will find that with a bit of wine you'll feel less shy, enjoy the stretches and lightness, and will have more fun than usual. 

Why Wine & Pilates?

Wine & Yoga or "Drunk Yoga" is practised all around the world, having developed in populated urban areas like New York, but being part of many retreats in Italy, France and all over the Mediterranean.

Our expert, Polly, has practised Wine & Yoga herself in Dubai, and has subsequently created an amazing Wine & Pilates class that we want to share with you! Wine tasting can also be considered a meditative experience; taking the time to look at, smell and savour the wine in the glass is all about being in the moment (some even call it "Winefulness"). 

Please note: only a small amount of three different wines will be poured; we recommend coming well-hydrated and not drinking alcohol before the experience. 

Any questions relating to Pilates or the evening itself you can contact Polly directly on, or if you wish to find out more info about Polly and her business please visit her website

The facts
  • Wednesday 13th July
  • Check-in 6.15 pm at the Wine Bar 
  • Start 6.30 pm, 60 min lesson
  • Only over 18s
  • Bring your own mat 
  • Non-alcoholic options will be offered to non-drinkers
  • Not suspended by bad weather - indoor area available

The event will be held just outside our beautiful vineyard barn, where we hope to enjoy a lovely summers evening looking out over the vines. In case of bad weather, we will still be very comfortable as we'll move inside the recently restored 19th-century barn, which has capacity for 150 people seated.

How to book

Simply purchase your ticket on this page. Advance booking needed, limited places available. Over 18s only. 

Free large car park on site, cars can be left overnight. 

Cancellation policy

Please note, refunds are not available for event bookings. If you do need to cancel, we'll be pleased to move your booking to an alternative date or to transform your ticket into a Gift Card, as long as you cancel no later than 7 days before the event.

Cancellation must be made in writing ( and not by telephone.