Murano Corkscrew
Professional corkscrew

Professional Corkscrew Stanlake Park

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Arguably the best corkscrew on the market, the Murano® corkscrew has a double-lever action, offering smooth and speedy wine bottle opening.

Our exclusive Stanlake Park Murano® corkscrew is designed for wine connoisseurs and used by enthusiastic professionals around the world. 

Made in Italy, our corkscrew has been built to last. Its Teflon-coated worm allows smooth gliding action through the cork, easily extracting it in just two steps. If features a curved handle that follows the contours of the hand, together with a comfortable non-slip rubber grip. A neat, self-sharpening serrated blade is available to remove foil capsules.

Effortless cork removal and professional look at a bargain price.

“Best Budget Buy” THE INDEPENDENT Ten Best Corkscrews, November 2009.