Jobs at Stanlake Park Wine Estate

At Stanlake Park Wine Estate we've been producing wine using our own grapes since 1979. Our range includes traditional method sparkling white and rosé, and a great variety of still whites, reds and rosé. We grow several grapes, including well-known Pinot Noir, Meunier, Gewürztraminer and Dornfelder but also lesser-known cool-climate grapes. 

We have a very busy Wine Bar & Gift Shop, run Wine Tours & Tastings every weekend, organise events and offer contract winemaking services.

We are a small, passionate and very hardworking team performing a range of tasks, and we are always happy to hear from enthusiastic, committed and friendly wine lovers.

We are not recruiting at the moment, but if you believe you have skills that we could use at Stanlake Park, are passionate about wine and don't mind hardworking, just email

No phone calls or drop-in CVs, please.

Thank you!

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