About the Stanlake Park Wine Estate

Picture acres of neat vines laden with many varieties of plump grapes; Gamay, Ortega, Wurzer and the classic Champagne varieties : Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They ripen in the warm sun and thrive in the loamy, well-drained soil before being harvested and turned into wine in the start-of-the-art and on-site winery. You're probably thinking of a vineyard in France, or Australia. But no, this is Stanlake Park Wine Estate just outside Twyford in Berkshire, and it is leading the way in English wine production. BERKSHIRE LIFE

Today, Stanlake Park is one of the UK’s most successful wine producers. In a high yielding vintage, we will press as many as 200 tons of grapes and make more individual wines than any other winery in Britain. Many of these award-winning wines can be purchased online or in person at our Cellar Shop here at Stanlake Park. You will find white, rosé and red wines, in addition to our ‘method traditionelle’ English sparkling wines which are comparable to high quality Champagne.

We also produce and sell our Stanlake Park blackcurrant liqueur, our Stanlake Park cider and Stanlake Park apple juice, both produced from estate-grown apples, as well as a wide range of traditional local beers produced by Marlow's Rebellion Beer Company, the Loddon Brewery, and Binghams Brewery in Ruscombe. We sell a small range of ports and dessert wines, as well as plenty of jams, chutneys, crackers, crisps, the best-selling Snowdonia cheese, and Stanlake Park's own estate-produced local honey.

Our wines are very popular as gifts and we have a broad selection of pine boxes, jute bags and wine bags.



Because of Stanlake’s location within Windsor Great Park for many centuries it has a rich and fascinating history going back to the 12th Century when it was called Hinton Pipard. The name changed to Stanlake Park in the Tudor period and the first vines were planted in 1979, when it was known as Thames Valley Vineyards.