Vineyard wedding venues in England

Winery wedding venue

Winery wedding: a unique experience in the UK

Author: Jack Grey

Those with keen memories might recall in a previous entry my mention of English vineyards as a great option for romantic getaways. If this peaked your interest then you may like what’s coming next. A Vineyard Wedding in the UK! Could this be for you? Beautiful scenery and wine from the very ground that you stand on are just some of the positives you could expect.

For those of you out there who are engaged and planning their wedding day, or even close to popping the question, you might like to know that there are a number of vineyard wedding venues in the UK, Stanlake Park being amongst them. So if such a day tickles your fancy, then read on.

Getting married in a vineyard in England

When you think of vineyard weddings where does your mind go? If you’re anything like me, it might be somewhere like Tuscany, with its beautiful rolling hills, scenery, and fantastic wines. Today, I wish to propose a different, but in my opinion, equally exciting option: a winery wedding in the UK.

There are a number reasons for why you should think about getting married in a vineyard. Firstly, let’s consider sparkling wine. With the quantity of speeches and the amount of toasting going on this is an indispensable ingredient for any wedding. Now, you may be of the opinion that Champagne is the go-to option here, but might I suggest, in it’s place, English Sparkling Wine. And where better to get them, than from your wedding venue itself?

If, like me, you love the UK Countryside, why not hold a vineyard barn wedding in one of these beautiful areas. In my opinion, these landscapes can rival even the Tuscan scenery.

A more logistical (but less romantic) reason is reducing travel. If you, your family, and friends are based in the UK then this is an easier option. It should also bring down the cost compared to a wedding abroad!

Vineyards that offer wedding services

There are a variety of choices out there. Below just a few examples of vineyards in the UK that offer wedding options:

  • Stanlake Park Wine Estate (Berkshire)
  • Denbies Wine Estate (Surrey)
  • Hambledon Vineyard (Hampshire)
  • Trevibban Mill Vineyard and Orchards (Cornwall)
  • Highdown Vineyard (Sussex)
  • Squerryes (Kent)

Weddings at Stanlake Park

Should you be interested in holding your wedding at Stanlake Park, then do take a look at our website. There are a number of options open to you, starting from your ceremony in our grade-II listed Coach House and exclusive use of our Walled Garden vineyard, with its charming array of our over 40 years-old vines. The charming vintage barns have recently been restored as a perfect winery wedding venue, overlooking our Pinot Noir old vines and providing a rustic, picturesque setting with guaranteed beautiful pictures all year round.

Don’t forget that Stanlake Park’s wines are available too! We offer an excellent range for your wedding needs, including the best of our sparkling wine for the speeches, to the Pinot Noir for those meaty mains.

Check our Vineyard Wedding venue »

The Final Toast

If you agree with my “undeniable” arguments on the positives of an English Vineyard Wedding then perhaps we will see you and your partner one of these days gracing Stanlake Park! Should you like any more information about our wedding services then please do contact Heritage Venues events team at

Pictures: Loren Stone - Stone Photos

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