Stanlake Park introduces new labels for the still range

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Stanlake Park Introduces New Labels for the Still Range

Author: Natalia Pezzone

New wines, new labels! Alongside our new still wine releases, we also introduced a completely renewed and modern look for our bottles.

Inspired by English flowers seen in our grounds, Stanlake Park's new labels represent our love for nature and beauty, and our commitment in making our vineyard a stunning place to visit.

Introducing four new labels

We are taking the opportunity to release new labels (and wines!) for the Pinot Noir Rosé 2019, the Reserve red, the King's Fumé and the Bacchus 2018 (the latest as an exclusive pre-order for newsletter subscribers).

By this summer, our new red wine, the Pinot Noir 2018, will be released with its charming label, and by the end of this year we expect to launch the new Regatta and Madeleine

"I was really looking forward to a new look for our wines", says Natalia, Stanlake's Sales & Marketing Manager. "There was nothing really bad with the old labels, but I wanted to give Stanlake Park a fresher and more contemporary look. Our wines are made to be approachable, refreshing, and enjoyable from the first sip and I felt that wasn't represented by the old labels".  

Why flowers?

Stanlake Park's management team has a deep connection with the countryside. Nico, our winemaker and vineyard manager, comes from five generations of vineyard farmers, and grew up playing around vines and enjoying a tractor ride with his Dad. 

"To be completely honest, I first thought of animals. I couldn't help it, after all in my previous life I was a Vet!", Natalia confesses. She has indeed worked in Argentina as a Vet for more than 8 years, before moving to Europe in 2009. 

Natural inspiration was in the air, but it wasn't until Benedict Butterworth was given the job that the flower idea came to life.

"I met Benedict at the WSET London School, as we are both finishing our WSET Diplomas this year. I knew he was not only a wine expert, but also an artist and designer, so I asked him if he wanted to join our new labelling project." says Natalia. It took only a few minutes for the two to be on the same page, and after a quick conversation they both agreed on the basis of the new labels.  


english rose wine

The new labels explained

We've always liked the idea of a single label, instead of one both on the front and back. We think it is smart, but also, more sustainable, as it avoids any extra printing, thus saving paper and ink.

We've added short tasting notes, so our customers know what to expect from each wine. But instead of writing a long description, we have simply provided a QR code that leads directly to our wine store. 

Each wine features a different flower:

  • Pinot Noir Rosé: Magnolia
  • King's Fumé: Dandelion
  • Bacchus: Hellebore
  • The Reserve: Peony
  • Pinot Noir: Wisteria (not yet released)

Take a short walk within Stanlake Park estate, particularly at this time of year, and you can find them all!

The flowers were chosen based on their colours and/or aromas, so they are deeply connected to each wine. 

We believe our new labels are stunning because of the way they were made. Benedict used watercolours on paper and then scanned the paintings. "It's not a digital drawing or something you can reproduce, as each flower is uniquely made by hand", Natalia explains.

Some gloss was then added to bring the watercolour to life, but no golden foil or other sophisticated embellishments were used, as we want the labels to be genuine and unpretentious - just like our wines. They were printed by Reflex Labels, who did a great job, very quickly. "We were desperate to release these wines, particularly the Rosé as it was an incredibly warm spring, and Reflex made that possible!", says Natalia. 

Stanlake Park's new labels are gorgeous - but now it's time to taste! We'll publish another article about them soon, but in the meantime why not grab a bottle and try the wines for yourself, especially seeing as you can take advantage of the New Releases Case, with a 15% discount and free delivery! 

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