English vineyards: best places to visit this summer

English vineyards

English Vineyards to visit this summer

Author: Jack Grey

Are you looking for an exciting experience near you? Then look no further than English Vineyards! Nature and wine lovers will want to read on.

In this entry, I have put together a list of vineyards in the most relevant wine areas. Hopefully, I can inspire you to visit as many of them as possible. You will see plenty of options so you won’t run out fast - and there are even more that we simply couldn't mention as it would be too long to read! Below, a selection of the best English vineyards to visit in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey & Hampshire.

Choices Galore!

Here we have some well known names, plus various other gems that you may not have come across. There are of course some vineyards that I have not included in this roster, but the names below will get you started!


  • Stanlake Park Wine Estate (The one and only! I couldn’t resist putting us at the top of the list…)
  • Binfield Vineyard
  • Winding Wood Vineyard
  • Alder Ridge Vineyard
  • All Angels Vineyard


  • Chafor Wine Estate
  • Daws Hill Vineyard
  • Harrow & Hope
  • Hale Valley Vineyard


  • Oakengrove Vineyard
  • Bothy Vineyard
  • Brightwell Vineyard
  • Sunnyhill Vineyard
  • Hendred Vineyard
  • Fairmile Vineyard
  • Wyfold Vineyard
  • Kidmore Vineyard
  • Chiltern Valley 


  • Chapel Down
  • Balfour - Hush Heath Estate
  • The Mount Vineyard
  • Gusbourne
  • Barnsole Vineyard
  • Chartham Vineyard
  • Terlingham Vineyard
  • The Harbourne Vineyard
  • Simpsons’ Wine Estate

Sussex & Hampshire

  • Danebury
  • Rathfinny Estate
  • Ridgeview Wine Estate
  • Tinwood Estate
  • Bolney Wine Estate
  • Albourne Estate
  • Nutbourne Vineyards
  • Bluebell Vineyard
  • Wiston Estate
  • Nyetimber


  • Denbies Wine Estate
  • Albury Organic Vineyard
  • Greyfriars Vineyard
  • High Clandon Estate Vineyard
  • Chilworth Manor Vineyard

As you can see, there are an abundance of options. Each tells its own story and should be explored. Some even offer overnight stays on their grounds, which is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in all things wine. There are also many vineyards near London

My trips to vineyards have always been in stunning locations, you will find them perfect for romantic getaways and short weekends away from the hustle and bustle. Do not forget that for the daredevils out there, a holiday, touring multiple vineyards (my dream), is always an option.


My Vineyard Visits

For me, there is not much that beats a vineyard vacation. My most recent exploits have been to the Rathfinny Estate in Sussex, and, on a more intrepid trip, a small vineyard in Tuscany. Staying in these places really gives you an idea of how much work goes into wine production. You gain a deeper appreciation of what you are drinking by getting to know the people behind the vino, and by taking a stroll among the vines or a tour through the wineries.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry on English Vineyards to visit this summer. My wish is to give you some impetus to try out a few of these options yourself. Our local vineyards are well worth putting on your bucket list of experiences and there’s no need to travel too far for them.

Please let us know in the comments about your favourites, and where you plan on going in the future. We would love to hear about your adventures!

And of course, you must not forget to visit us at Stanlake Park. Things are getting closer to normal now, so we would love to welcome you for a vineyard tour and wine tasting - have a look at our calendar below. 


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